20 March 2007

" The Gleaner 2006 "

work in progress - mockup making

work in progress - lighting set up

Duratrans print & light box, 87 x 123.5 x 15cm, 2006

Jean-Francois Millet's master piece - The Gleaner (1875) was use in this piece of artwork as my visual language ( in term of it contents and composition ) to construct and metaphor a new social landscape of our society now. The using of the master piece is also intent to have a platform to re-thinking of our art environment, art history and ......

I made use of narrative and allegory to sketch out the doubtful questioning and cynicism. Several techniques are used in the process of making this art piece, the scene of this piece of work is a photo shorting of a 3 dimensional small scale mockup with a live mini lighting setup ( just like a mini theatre stage )that I make.

The process of making "art product" for me isn't just a process of making out an "art product", but as an action/performance to react to the content and itself are also become one of my matter of express idea and concept too.

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